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Craig M. Lyons Ms.D, D.D., M.Div.



The Websites and our spiritual pilgrimage follow but I must say that what I uncovered when getting to the bottom of the origin of the "Jesus Story" is that the "New Testament Jesus" can be understood in many different ways and in so doing yet communicate Divine Truth to the reader. I have discovered through my 20 years of study that we basically have 3 different ways to understand "the Christ" and the "Jesus Story" as I and others see it. Let it be understood up front that our "Jesus Story" is not "new"; it exits from the beginning of recorded time as found in a host of other nations and other "religions" where this personified central character, often termed "the Krst" or "the Christ", is found to be identified by a host of other names in these different religious expressions. This fact alone should make us aware that something lies behind our "Jesus Story" other than a supposed "literal" and "historical" person. We at Bet Emet Ministries have covered all 3 different understandings and presentations of this "Krst" or "Christ" which is termed "Jesus Christ" in our Christianity and the presentation of our research is distributed throughout the totality of our websites. Taken in order our Websites take the student through these 3 different understanding of "the Christ" in systematic order where we progress from our supposed inherited "literal-historical" approach to the understanding of "the Christ" to the ancient "Mystical", "Mythological" and finally the "Metaphysical" understanding of "the Christ" as taught by the ancients down through recorded history until the 2nd century and the rise of Roman Orthodoxy. Here is what we find when we do the exhaustive studies into this area:

Col 1:27 27 To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory: (KJV)

Answer for yourself: Are all three methods of presenting "the Krst", "the Christ", or as we know of it as "Jesus Christ" equally accurate to truth? No they are not and our Websites will provide the evidence you need as a "truth-seeker" to not only see this for yourself beyond any doubt but make adjustments in your religious belief system when needed based upon the facts and evidence our Websites provide. Our focus needs to be on correctly interpreting "the Krst" and "the Christ"; both the Mystical and Mythical Christ and then being equipped with this understanding we can then and only then adequately deal with and understand what lies behind the erroneously interpreted "Historicity of the Christ" as seen in our inherited "Jesus Story" which is portrayed and interpreted to us as a supposed person of historical being, the Christ with flesh which is limited to but one person.

It goes without saying that we all begin to read and study the Bible from a "literal" perspective assuming that it is the vehicle for "literal truth" about Jesus Christ, never realizing that these ancient stories were written and were intended to be understood by the writers of this ancient Spiritual Mysteries only as Spiritual Allegories by the original writers and never to be understood as if a "literal" story. That is why we find upon study our "Jesus Story" repeated in identical form from beginning to end all the way back to pre-dynastic Egypt over 13,000 years ago. This "Christ Story" was never intended to be understood as if "limited" to but one person but to the whole of the human race. God had descended into "matte" and humanity had become the Temple of the Holy Spirit and Divine Mind of the whole Cosmos. It is this hidden mystery, that the Divine Mind incarnated into all "matter" and finds Self-expression in all manifestations of "matter", especially humanity, that is lost in our current understanding of "the Jesus Story" we have inherited today.

Bet Emet Ministries began several years ago to present websites dealing with Christianity which at first adopted this "Literal Interpretation" of Jesus in the "Jesus Story" since the "literal" approach toward Jesus in the New Testament is taught today by almost all of Christianity as they assume that Jesus Christ was a historical person. We all grow up in the Western Hemisphere assuming that the "Jesus Story" is a historical reality; that is until we do serious study of our faith which is required to get to the bottom of this "Jesus Story" and the religious synthesis within it. Only when my studies into the truth behind our New Testament progress to where I uncovered the First Gnostic New Testament which was later corrupted by Rome with its Second New Testament did I see when studying Gnostic Christianity that "the Krst" and "the Christ" (the Divine Mind of the Creator in all "matter") did I come to clearly see the Mystical Christ and Mythological Christ for what it truly represented. Many of our websites, especially the early ones from years ago, begin by approaching the "Jesus Story" from this inherited historical -grammatical method of interpretation because this is how we grow up and first get acquainted with the "Jesus Story". Only by submitting this "historical Christ" under the microscope of intense scrutiny can we be certain that the inherent problems in this interpretation of "the Christ" and the "Jesus Story" is a falsehood and then look elsewhere for its true meaning and find the "Mystical", "Mythological" and "Metaphysical" truths behind all the "Christ Stories" which remained intact for thousands of years until the 2nd century where we find Rome "radically reinterpreting" the whole of the "Christ Stories" and "limiting" this Christ to but one person the access to which only comes through the doors of the Roman Church. Oh, how convenient for world domination and the manipulation of humanity through fear and ignorance. These "truths" I felt were necessary to get to the readers, students, and "truth-seekers" in order to reveal the greater Spiritual Truths that lay within Biblical and Mystical Judaism that are not taught by mainline Gentile Christianity today. As a pastor I realized that it takes time for a "seed to grow" and if I strike out and were to say "everything you believe about Jesus is wrong" I would lose any hope of reaching people with the fruits of my studies. We must understand our Jesus correctly; that is what all incarnational life is meant to accomplish whereby one "awakens" to his True Self; that he is the expression of Divinity and Divine Mind as a human being. We sing "in him we live, move and have our being"; more correctly it is in "us" that God moves, lives, and has His being and it is this agency of the indwelling Christ, not limited to but one, but in all that needs to be restored to humanity so that man can become ONE again with God and all world religions turn their swords into plowshares because we are all ONE.So we begin with the study of the Jewish Roots of Christianity by following the the Rabbinical Methods of teaching and I applied them to Bet Emet's presentation of the "Jesus Story" which we find evolves over the totality of our Websites. There are 4 levels of Rabbinical teaching. Let us learn them now as we return "to the Faith once given the Saints".


The first level of understanding is PASHAT (simple interpretation). The Pashat is the "literal" meaning. It is similar to what Protestant hermeneutics calls "Grammatical Historical Exegesis" and also similar to what Protestant Hermeneutics calls "The Literal Principle." The PASHAT is the plain, simple meaning of the text; understanding scripture in its natural, normal sense using the customary meanings of the words being used, in accordance with the primary exegetical rule in the Talmud that no passage loses its PASHAT (b.Shab. 63a; b.Yeb. 24a). While there is figurative language (like Ps. 36:7) symbolism (like Rom. 5:14); allegory (like Gal. 4:19-31) and hidden meanings (like Rev. 13:18; 1Cor. 2:7) in the Scriptures, the first thing to look for is the literal meaning or PASHAT. This is how and why I developed the first websites and in so doing try to reveal the beauty of Biblical Judaism to the Christian student desiring the truth of his Jewish Roots. For it is in Biblical Judaism do we find our links with ancient Egypt in their purest form thus preserving better than any nation these Ancient understandings of God, Divine Mind, and the Cosmos and man's responsibilities to the Creator. These following websites approaches "the Christ" as an assumed "historical person" yet never telling the reader that behind this motif of a "historical Jesus" lies the greatest deception known to mankind. We will see this deception emerge as we try to verify what our Roman Bibles say on its pages when compared with the Hebrew Scriptures from which it taken. Only by seeing the host of problems that emerge doing such comparisions of Christian dogmas and doctrines with the Jewish dogmas and doctrines as well as the Hebrew Scriptures from which our Bibles inaccurately quotes and purposefully mistranslates does the door "crack open" as to the many problems and falsehoods that lie behind a "literal" and "historical" interpretation of our inherited "Jesus Story". This needs be said for until we see these problems and falsehoods then moving to a deeper understanding and a more true understanding of "the Christ" and our "Jesus Story" has no purpose since being taught since childhood that our Bibles and Christian faith is "infallible, inerrant, and inspired". I will let the evidences which I bring the reader to determine if such an approach to Christianity is warranted and can be proven in light of modern scholarship.


The next level of understanding of the Scriptures taught by the Rabbis is called in Hebrew REMEZ (hinting at a prior truth or a hidden truth that goes beyond the current text). Peculiarities and contradictions in the Biblical texts are treated and presented to the reader as hinting at a deeper Divine and Spiritual truth than that conveyed by its PASHAT. The fun of discovering our Jewish Roots, Sabbaths, and Biblical Festivals is over and is in reality only the "introduction" to the deeper Mystical and Metaphysical teachings to come. Now it is time for serious investigation of our inherited faith. Our Websites get more challenging as I begin using the principle of Remez to hint that there are problems with the "Jesus Story" beyond the Pashat "interpretation" and begin to question many of the teachings of Christianity and their presentation of Jesus as the Jewish Messiah. We still approach these issues as if "historical" but as your studies progress you begin to slowly get the picture that there is severe problems with what Christianity teaches about "the historical Jesus Christ" and its presentation of Jesus as the Jewish Messiah. It bears saying again that we approach this information yet as if "historical" but as our websites progress we will soon move to the "Mythical" and the "Mystical" presentations of "the" Jesus Christ. You might say we are in the process of cracking the egg shell regarding the "Jesus Story".

This approach, teaching God's higher Divine truths through the vehicle of a godly example, the "assumed historical Jesus of the New Testament", works well up to a point because in doing so we are presented with a "Godly" example of a life to be emulated as found in the Jesus of the New Testament (for the most part). A life patterned after the Jesus of the "Jesus Story" will hopefully issue forth in one bearing the fruit of morality and ethics and a life lived in the Fruit of the Spirit. This is the reason why Israel does not evangelize today because Christianity has accomplished for them their task as God's Priesthood; for better or worse when looking at the Dark Ages and the impact of this "replacement religion". As a pastor I wish they could have accomplished this without the masked idolatry connected with the "Jesus Story". The non-Jew has learned of the God of Israel and has learned how to live in peace and harmony through the teachings of Christianity. Sadly in all of this the main character, the Jewish Messiah, has been so badly misrepresented in the character of Jesus who, for example, is made to cleanse all foods and abolish the kosher laws in Mark 7:14. This is rather strange for a Jew who is obligated to observe Kosher. Hopefully you see the problems of what I speak and they only begin here. Again through our websites the student is made aware of the problems inherent in many places in this New Testament's depiction of the New Testament Jesus and "the Christ within". Yet, in such a presentation this Jesus is the non-Jew's "pattern" for he, real or not, is the only Jew to ever witnessed to us and came knocking on the doors of our lives as non-Jews. Sadly the Jewish community is closed to the non-Jew for the most part due to the tragic treatment of their people by the Christian Church these last 2000 years. As I say often it is sad that when we answered the door of our lives as we heard the "knock" of this New Testament Rabbi named Jesus that we did not possess, at that time, enough knowledge of the truth about "the Christ" and the true "Jewish Messiah" that we could not recognize that this Jew named Jesus, as God's "light to the Gentile world", came dressed like the idolator Constantine teaching a replacement religion. Lacking this knowledge which Bet Emet's Websites provide the student we fell for the Roman "counterfeit Christ" and "counterfeit Jesus" and no wonder the Jews cannot accept this Roman Jesus as their Messiah. Good for them! But hopefully as your studies mature you begin to see that there are other ways to understand the "Jesus Story" but surely understanding the "Jesus Story" as a historical truth concerning a literal person who lived 2000 years ago and who embodied the historical Jewish Messiah is not one of them. Now for enlightenment that will take your breath away!


Another level of Jewish hermeneutic and understanding the Scriptures is called in Hebrew "drash" meaning "search", this is the allegorical, typological or homiletical application of the text. Creativity is used to search the text in relation to the rest of the Scriptures, other literature, or life itself in order to develop an allegorical, typological or homiletical application of the text. This process involves eisegesis (reading of the text) of the text. Ironically as I found this expression or interpretation of the texts reflected most accurately the type of "belief" of the earliest Christians (called Chrestians who believed only in the Gnostic Metaphysical Christ within) who were not only looking for a historical Jewish messiah to be revealed but at the same time understood that the "logos" or "the Christ/Sophia/Egyptian Karast" lived within all mankind and could never be limited to but one person as Rome will make it appear. This understanding of "the Christ" reflects Paul and his 7 authentic epistles where he teaches the "Christ within". Now we find the true Paul who, like the earliest Chrestinas, taught only the "Christ Within".

As you might expect a few years later, as time allowed, Bet Emet provided a website dealing with the Mystical Interpretation of the "Jesus Story" and "the Christ" as we showed that the religious beliefs of the earliest "believers" who were called the first "Christians", long before Rome emerged to dominate the Christian faith, did not accept a historical Jesus at all but rather understood "the Christ" as a Divine Concept as Divine Mind that lives within every man and woman and is not exclusive to just one person as is portrayed today by "literalistic Roman Christianity. It is in this site that we restore the earliest Gnostic Christian understanding of the "the Christ" as it existed for almost 5 centuries before being utterly destroyed and almost totally wiped out by Rome with its replacement religion we have today which I call "Literal Christianity".

An unbiased study of History will show you that there is not a shred of legitimate historical evidence anywhere that the "Jesus Story" originated as the biography of a man named Jesus, and quite a lot of evidence that it did not. An unbiased through study of Comparative Religion will reveal to you that the basic plot of the "Jesus Story", from beginning to end, including the motif of a crucified savior, already existed in many other religions thousands of years prior to the alleged time of Jesus and if you continue such dedicated studies into Astronomy and Solar Mythology you will find that beyond any doubt the "Jesus Story" is nothing more than an allegory for what would naturally be the oldest and most important story humans would notice and write down; namely, that of the annual passage of the seasons of the year and the path of the Sun through the celestial sphere and the 12 Houses of the Zodiac during the year. Personification of the Sun through the sky as found in the story of ancient solar and lunar gods follow in chronological procession through the year the exact chronology of the "Jesus Story" when personified from Matthew chapter 1 through Matthew chapter 28. This truly is the most amazing study.

This website will be a lot different from anything you most likely have ever studied. Growing up in the Western Hemisphere we are traditionally taught a "literalistic" and not an "allegorical" or "symbolic" understanding of Christianity. This "literalistic" interpretation of "Jesus" and "the Christ" is based upon the inherited religious documents we received from Rome which we were taught to accept as infallible and inerrant without every questioning them. However great advances in Biblical Studies and archeology have been made in the last two hundred years and one in particular in the last 50 years has made a startling impact upon Christianity and few know of this. I am referring to the discoveries of the Nag Hammadi Library along with the Essene's Dead Sea Scrolls in the last 50 years which has turned our traditional Roman understanding of Christianity upside down and basically taught us that almost everything we had through we had "known" from Roman Christianity up to now concerning "Jesus" and "the Christ" was wrong. That is simply because when we discover from study of these archeological finds and see for ourselves that the First New Testament written and given to us by the earliest Gnostic Chrestians like Marcion and Paul did not teach a "human Jesus Christ" but rather an allegorical and symbolic "Indwelling Christ Only" as the Logos within each of God's children. This explains why there were no genealogies, birth or infancy narratives, or the 4 traditional Gospels in the earliest Gnostic Gospels and not added to the Roman Second New Testament till after 180 A.D. It is this "allegorical Christ" and "allegorical Joshua-Jesus Christ" ["pattern"] that the earliest New Testament and the authentic Pauline epistles taught but few know this today since Rome's efforts to destroy all of this literature by burning the libraries of the world as well as murdering the Gnostics until few remained to safeguard this Spiritual Metaphysical Revelation which can be traced to the beginning of mankind. In this website I reveal these truths concerning the "allegorical Christ" of the earliest Chrestians. Along with this we tackle the difficult problem of Christian forgeries of later Pauline Epistles and Gospels in their attempt to create a "historical Jesus" and a "historical Christ" in order to mimic their Godman-Emperor. This information goes a long way not only in explaining the lack of credible and unforged evidences for a historical Jesus but shows how a Second New Testament was latter forged in Paul's name, who was long dead, along with the names of long dead Apostles in Rome's attempt to place a historical Jesus of their creation within an appropriate time-line. By comparison of what was written and contained within the First New Testament with what was later written later by Irenaeus and others in Rome's attempt to refute the Gnostic Christ and the Gnostic Joshua-Jesus we can easily now come to terms with this creative theology of Rome which was little more than a synthesis of "literalized" Sun Worship as exposed on our other sites. What should strike you as you study these materials is that the concept of the "Logos" and the "allegorical Christ" goes all the way back to the beginning of mankind where God gave Revelation of Himself and His plan to the Ancient Egyptians who first wrote of the Karast/Christ and provided the "pattern" adopted by all later world religions until the rise of Rome!


The 4th and final level of understanding the Scriptures is called in Hebrew "Sod" meaning "hidden". It is here that I reveal the hidden links to Egypt and Astronomy which they "allegorized" to capture for all time the Divine Concepts that they witnessed written in the sky and Heavens above them. The Sky is God's Bible! When you learn to "interpret" the Sky and the stars then no man can deceive you about Divine Truth any longer! God, writing on the blackboard of the sky and Heavens, expressed to these Ancients sages and Priests eternal Spiritual principles that were later captured in "myths" and "legends" to preserver for all time these Godly truths that would last through all time and yet today survive in spite of the destruction of Egypt by Alexander the Great and later Rome. These Laws of the Cosmos were expressed in allegorical Spiritual myths that were reaffirmed by the same Laws witnessed operating in Nature. Ancient man, understanding that these same Laws operated within himself and his body saw therefore that "he was created in the image of God"; the image he witnessed operating above and around him when noticing the same Laws and Cycles in the Heavens and in Nature operating within his physical body as well. This is truly beautiful when you see it as it brought tears to my eyes to see and comprehend Gods' earliest message to me and you that has not been changed or adulterated by the agendas of men and apostate religions down through history. It is so simple when you see it. That is the way God intended it to be in the beginning but we strain at a nat and swallow a camel today with our highly developed and evolved theologies down through Christian history.

It has been a hard and long process for me to accomplish but my task is about through when I complete this website on the "Mythical Jesus Christ" as seen in the stars.

Now it is time to devote this website to the comprehensive understanding of the "Mythical Christ". In so doing we will prove that the "Jesus Story" is actually an allegory for the path of the Sun "personified" as it travels through the 12 Houses of the Zodiac and through the 4 seasons of the years (the Spring Equinox, the Summer Solstice, the Autumn Equinox, and the Winter Solstice). You will come to see that this is the oldest and most important story humans ever knew as it also is full of Divine Truths that are to be understood "allegorically" and not "literally" as we have erroneously been taught today by a literalized Christianity of Rome's making. The Sun was viewed by the ancient Spiritual Masters as the "visible representation" of the "invisible hidden reality" of God. This Sun and its path through the Heavens is repeated over and over again for mankind so that man cannot miss the Truth and Message of God involving the Spiritual evolution of his Soul. It is we today who have not a clue to this Great Bible in the Sky. We owe a great debt to Ancient Egyptians and their great wisdom and their foresight in preserving for the the world this earliest understanding of God and Divine Mind and its incarnation into "matter" and humanity where we trace by looking at the path of the Sun the birth, life, death, rebirth and progressive Spiritual Evolution of man's Soul.

Orthodox Christians, since they are committed to a belief in the literal truth of the Bible, hold that after the flood men became even more evil than they were before, so that 4,000 years after the creation of the world, god sent his only begotten son to suffer and die for the salvation of the human race. This ministry of Jesus, the Christ, was supposed to be a unique event in human history but as we show it is anything but that; it is the repetition of everything that came before. This opinion of Jesus' uniqueness is no longer tenable among those who accept reason as the criterion of truth.

If you are diligent to study and read these websites then you have it all. There is little that exists that is not covered in one way or the other or has somehow escaped my attention over these almost 20 years of study. There is nothing I would trade for my years of study and the truths that I have gathered and although it has been challenging to my very core I fully am aware that because of such serious studies my walk with God, the true God, is closer than ever. It is truly well with my soul because "I KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT HIM SEPARATED FROM ALL THE FICTION" that men have written down through history to promote their own religion and political agendas.

So we began our study with the question:

Matt 16:13 13 When Jesus came into the coasts of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, saying, Whom do men say that I the Son of man am? (KJV)

Now you have you the "plan-o-gram" to find all the answers! ?The rest is up to you to study to show yourselves approved by verifying what we show you ......then you can be assured that you will not stand ashamed when you meet this Creator face to face when you cross your Nile/Jordan...(the same)


As stated earlier we begin our study with Bet Emet Websites with a "historical" assumption and present studies to show the beauty of Judaism over the dishonesty in Christian theological dogma and do so by using the depiction of the New Testament Jesus as if "historical" because he provides a vehicle for the teaching of Jewish theology, monotheism, morals, values, ethics, etc. It is not my purpose to reveal the weaknesses behind such a historical presentation of Jesus at this time as it will be developed and proven at a later time as one's studies progress through the Mystical Jesus and the Mythical Jesus as detailed on the above websites.

Of concern for us of course is the "Jesus Story" as depicted in the New Testament and its reliability as understood "literally" since it is being taught as a literal truth today about a historical man who lived 2000 years ago. You will come to see in time as you study that the Ancients as far back as Egypt understood this "Karast/Christ" entirely different from how we have been taught today under the direction of Roman and Protestant Christianity. Here are some big questions for you to ponder in light that most Christians trust in this Jesus Christ for their Eternal Salvation.

Well the following studies in the above websites is not for the weak of heart as I will present over and over again infallible proofs that the "Jesus Story" as depicted in the New Testament is but a hoax perpetrated upon us by Rome in their hatred of the Jewish faith and Jewish Gnosticism back in the first century. You will see, in the last websites depicting the Mythical Christ, as we move chronologically from one sign of the Zodiac to the other, from month to month, from season to season, from Spring equinox to Summer solstice, from Autumn equinox to Winter solstice, and repeating again this cycle, along with the study of selected events from the depiction of the life of Jesus in Rome's New Testament, that if you study with us and finish the studies on this website, that the "Jesus Story" as depicted in the New Testament is nothing more than the literalization by Rome of the path of the Sun through the Zodiac along with other solar myths later incorporated into their "Jesus Story" as later literalized by Rome as well. In so doing you will see as I and many others have that we have not been taught the truth about "the Christ within" and how He is so integral to the proper worship of the Invisible God as Egypt and Moses taught. It would seem that Egypt got it right in the beginning but thanks to Hellenism and Romanism we lost these earliest and correct understanding of Divine Concepts witnessed in God's Heaven and Nature. In a way these were our classroom and where we were to be instructed by the Creator about our life and purpose in God's creation. We are truly blessed today to live in an age where archeology and the information age can bring these truths back to life for you and me.

As a "retired Pastor", and moved by what my studies revealed over the years, I feel moved to share this information and evidence from such studies with those interested in the truth behind the origin for "Jesus Story" which is taught to the world today as a historical reality when in fact it is not. In the websites that are delineated above such evidence is presented to the reader in hopes that the missing puzzle pieces concerning the "Jesus Story" will be plainly evident to him and he can, in the light of such knowledge, no longer be deceived by the astrological allegory of "the Christ" as found in the New Testament which is erroneously taught "literally" today. I make very few promises to our readers but I make this one now: If you do these studies, and read these articles on this website then you will be thoroughly convinced as I was that the "Jesus Story" was never meant to be understood "literally" as it has been taught to you and me. Thus the worship of Jesus as a historical person or connecting this assumed historical person with God or believing him to be God is the most vulgar idolatry according to Moses and the Ten Commandments and a terrible affront to the Creator and constitutes blasphemy of the Name of God.

Currently Bet Emet Ministries offers a CD with all our websites contained on it where the above information is available for easy search and study where you can work through this material at your leisure. If you would desire the synthesis of our scholarly studies into these areas concerning the origins for the Christian faith and the truth behind "the Christ" and the Jewish Messiah along with the "Jesus Story" then one is available for a small donation to support the efforts of this ministry. Inquire if you so desire by e-mailing me at the link below. Shalom.

We offer a CD of all out websites contained on one disk if you are interested with detailed instructions as how to study them "in order"...please inquire for the CD for such through study will take you some time if you ever hope of cracking the "Jesus Puzzle"